C&K Wedding - Reunion Island

We had the chance to be the photographers of their wedding, to be present for this so important day for them!

It all started in their respective families to prepare themselves before the big yes. Everyone with his family, C&K were able to enjoy moments of sweetness and calm.

Then the big departure! Direction the town hall of Saint Benoit in Reunion Island. It is while getting out of the car that he saw her for the first time, dressed in white. Then followed the church, then the famous Creole procession, and finally finished with champagne!

When we are lucky enough to witness so much love, we feel privileged. We feel happy to be photographers, and to be able to witness such beautiful moments.

Being a wedding photographer is not just a simple service provider. It is to be those who will make an unforgettable day in the life of a couple immortal. It is a chance!

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