Inspirational Editorial - Rock Wedding - Reunion Island

Today is D-Day for Shayna and Jason. But this wedding day is not going to go as expected…

Preparation and discovery

She dresses, gets her makeup and hair done. She’s gorgeous!
He chose his outfit and accessories months ago to please him.
It’s finally time. The one to discover oneself, to see what the other has chosen to say yes…
The veil falls… After the surprise and emotion, it gives way to a feeling that was not invited. It’s not them, it’s not like them.

We change everything!

Fall out the dress, fall out the suit, fall out the makeup and hair. We start again with a style that looks like them.
They finally escaped, by motorcycle, to the port of Saint Gilles, then decided to tour the bars together, to celebrate their union in their own way!

The W – Charlotte & Renaud


Organization : MR evenement
Director & Videographer : Chris Bunel Production
Photographer : The W
Models: Shayna Layn & Jason 
Make up, hair & nails : Before Beauty Bar Réunion 
Wedding dress : Rosa Clará – Réunion
Groom clothes : Innovation Boutique
Motorcycle and accessories : Harley Davidson Réunion 
Set: Elise Mourani – Conseil en Image de Luxe & Création de Bijoux 
Sac : Sacage
Bag: Via Condotti
Shoes: O’fleurs
Cupcake : Folies sucrées
Bar : Le Qg Resto Bar Saint Gilles Les Bains 
Glassware: Bahore 

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