It's my wedding!

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“It’s my wedding!” This statement says a lot about your willingness to live a day in your image. Beyond a sentence, it is above all a state of mind that will characterize the entire organization of your wedding. Affirming” is my marriage! ” also means being ready to face all the advice that will certainly come from all sides regarding your choices and your organization.

So it’s time to take responsibility for your choices, and more precisely here concerning the photographer’s choice.

Style of photographs

It’s my wedding! So the most important thing is to find the style of photos that suits you.

Oh well there are several styles of photography? Yes yes yes! Look at the work of different photographers, whether you selected them or those proposed by your wedding planner. You will see the differences right away! Some have a very pastel and bright style. These are called “Fine Art” photos. Others will offer you more contrasted, darker photos, it’s the “moody” style. There are as many variants and identities as there are photographers, and many do not fit into boxes!

What must also be taken into account is the “personality” of the photographs. For example, some people like romantic photos, others more joyful, or rock’n’ roll! It’s your wedding! The photos of this day, so important to you, must look like you and reflect who you are.

So in all this choice, follow your instinct, and make your choice according to what you like. Because what’s left of your wedding is the pictures!

mariage rock ile réunion

The feeling with the photographer(s)

Beyond the style of photos that the photographer proposes, we advise you to meet him/her.

You’re going to tell us, yes, but why? What’s the point of meeting him when I like his pictures? It is essential! Your D-Day will go even better if you get along well with your service providers!

Don’t let yourself be imposed on a photographer by anyone, it’s your choice, and only yours!

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Photos that stay… for life!

If you choose a photographer to cover your wedding day, it is because you want to keep photos of that day so important to you for life.

Our advice, do not skimp on the quality of the photographer you have chosen!

You will probably have relatives who will give you lots of advice… “take such a person he was at my wedding”, “What’s-his-name’s cousin takes great pictures”… and more! It’s your wedding! Don’t be influenced by your family or friends who want to put Uncle Robert in the position of photographer. You will only be disappointed, the D-day only happens once!

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We’re asserting ourselves!

Because yes, it’s your wedding! To conclude, we have only one piece of advice to give you, affirm and assume your choices, whether it is about the photo, or any other related to your wedding!

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