Surprise wedding! Marie & Christophe - Reunion Island

Friday. We receive a message from Marie. “I’m getting married tomorrow, my guests don’t know, are you available? »

“Yes, we are available! But what do you mean your guests don’t know? »

Marie explains to us that she and her fiancé Christophe organized a barbecue with their friends for their departure from Reunion Island. What they don’t know is what this day is going to look like!

We arrive, incognito, so as not to provoke suspicion from the friends and family of our lovers. So we kiss everyone and say that we are friends too. Only witnesses know who we are. It takes a few of them to organize all this!

Then, Marie & Christophe call everyone, to make an announcement. It’s 30 degrees, everyone’s in the garden, a beautiful day!

“We have an announcement to make! ». Already the guests’ eyes are starting to shine. A baby, a wedding?
“We’re getting married! ». Shouts of joy in the assembly, everyone laughs, smiling.

Then comes the complement to the sentence “we are going to get married”…” in thirty minutes at the town hall of Saint Leu! »

Everyone is speechless! No time to hang out for the bride and groom, it’s time to get ready. Far from the classic wedding preparations, Marie puts on a mid-long coral dress, and Christophe a beautiful matching chino, a shirt and a wooden bow tie. Then, the witness adjusts the wedding ring, a ring with a shell. A little makeup and let’s go!

It is therefore at the town hall that everyone meets, flip-flops on, for a ceremony full of simplicity and spontaneity!

At the exit, it is in joy that everyone throws flowers at the bride and groom, all smiles, and not totally recovered from this unexpected surprise!

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