Zen attitude during the preparations!

” Wedding means stress” FALSE!

From the beginning of the project, until the D-day, it is possible to live your wedding without stress, yes yes yes!

We will talk about D-Day in this article, and more specifically about the bride’s preparations. Because she is often the most stressed out on this very important day!

It’s finally D-Day, the day you’ve been preparing for at least a year! So relax and enjoy! If the whole organization is managed, all you have to do is relax, before you say yes to your future husband.

A relaxing morning

So, what better way to organize a relaxing morning with your loved ones!
In a cosy place, whether at home, with friends or family, or in a hotel, organize yourself a Zen moment, far from the hustle and bustle.

You’re gonna get cocooned! Make-up, hairdressing, the moment to put on your dress, take the time to fully enjoy it.

A spa? We say yes!!!!!

The must? Plan a spa, a massage, a wellness moment, alone or with someone to start this day simply feeling well.

With that, bye bye stress!

Zen attitude photos

To illustrate the zen attitude you will have decided to set up the day of your wedding, look back at a shooting inspired by “wedding preparations”!

In these pictures, Cynthia is radiant and relaxed. She enjoys a relaxing morning at the hotel before leaving for the town hall.

On the program: jacuzzi, make-up, hairdressing, chilling on the deckchairs by the pool, only happiness!

Organization: Mr. Événement 974
Flowers: O’Fleurs La Saline
Jewellery: Les trésors du Baobab
Location: Ness By D-Ocean Hotel
Bags : Le Store Sacage
Perfume : Montale Réunion

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